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Amy Donham
United States
Drawing, basketball and xbox is where it's at.

Current Residence: Earth
Favorite genre of music: christian and country
Favourite style of art: manga or anime..or just plain on a sheet of paper
Wallpaper of choice: DP
Favourite cartoon character: kovu off of lion king
Personal Quote: a man who says it can't be done, shouldn't inturuptt the woman doing it ;)
okay so there is this thing going on called "hell week". it lasts for 7 days and it is basically trying to shape us up into swim suit only 7 days over an ENTIRE SUMMER of sitting on our buttocks!! it litterlly is hell. okay so yesterday was the first day and not even 5 minutes after the work out i was sore. and today im sore. so im trying to go to algebra and its up stairs and im using all the muscles in my arms to hold the bar alon the stairs to help me up cause i cant control from my hips and down.  like if i was some retard trying to walk with be terrible. im like constantlly limping and wobbleing down the hallway. if someone thinks im walking too slow...there gonna have to deal with it and walk around me cause there aint no way in hell im gonna go any faster T.T like on my way to lunch i was going sooooo slow like no joke.

anyways to get to everything we did and what we are going to do.

yesterday on the track was the 400,300,200,100 meters...OF SPRINTING!! not running...not jogging. full on sprinting as fast as we can.
after we did that extremmly long ladder...we did a total of 5 100's and two 200's.. then today we did 8!!! repeat.. 8 200's. i died. somehow i came back to life to carry on with algebra like i swear to god that shizz was hard:( and the amount of pain and stress and hard work i did cannot even be explained to anyone. in order to know you gotta do and im telling you...its hard. (dont do it accually)

i eat like 24\7. i eat when im bored...i eat when i dont feel like eating...i eat like 20 minutes after a buffet. (no im not fat cuz my matabalism burns off every oz of food i eat, it's crazy. anyways the point is that i had lost my appatite. like dead on the only food i had for lunch was water, Gatorade, and grapes. that is wierd for me. food is my bffl. litterlly.

anyways enough of my wining.. if anyone read this thanks...plz comment so i know yall did. even if it was just reading the title XD and yes by the title you can tell all of this was for basketball. i know everything is gonna be okay tho because afterwards we start the real thing with basketball and everything and things will be a whole lot easier. btw lap tops are so fun to type with cause the keyboard is just amazing!! later peeps

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